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The barrier between worlds is being broken; beings from all over the multi-verse are being drawn into a new world, populated by creatures known as Digimon. This “Digital World”, formed from data drawn from countless dimensions, is similar to other dimensions like it – but this one does not have a “real world” to exist in opposition to it.

The Digital World is fraught with hazards. The very structure of the world is unstable, resulting in massive plate shifts. These shifts are the result of the god of the Digital World, Yggdrasil, influencing the nature of space and time in order to draw humans into this world. What's more, there is a virus that affects both humans and digimon in strange ways, changing them in a seemingly chaotic fashion. For digimon, rebirth can remove the virus, but for humans, it cannot be dealt with.

But a shadow looms that is greater than the virus. Three powerful groups – The Olympus Twelve, the Dark Area army, and the Virus Busters – have fallen under the spell of the Seven Great Demon Kings, an ancient evil that lurks in the shadows of the Digital World. They influence the Olympus Twelve to carry on their ambition, and hope to drive the leaders of the Virus Busters and Dark Area, Omegamon and Diaboromon, into even more destructive warfare with one another.

And now, with Yggdrasil having called humans to his world, they seek to corrupt these creatures as well. Each Demon King has the power to mark another being with their “Demon Seal”, and impart upon them the power and the curse of the seven deadly sins, Pride, Gluttony, Envy, Lust, Greed, Sloth, and Wrath. The Demon Seal can make a human and their digimon partner more powerful, but at the cost of driving them towards sin, and allowing the Demon King a window into their mind.

Will Yggdrasil's chosen warriors prevail, or will they succumb to the influence of darkness? Only time will tell...

Your Digimon Partner and You!

A digimon is one of the natural inhabitants of the Digital World. Each Tamer who enters the Digital World is given a digimon partner to help them survive... and to save the world from the coming crisis.

When you arrive, you have nothing but the clothes on your back and what items you currently have on your body, as well as your D-Comm and D-Reader. You can choose to either arrive with a Digiegg for your partner, or have it be in the digital world waiting for you. (Partners ARE mandatory.)

Game Mechanics/Information

The following are links depicting in-universe explanations for concepts like the Demon Seals and Digi-Soul, the depictions of the Digital World and Digimon, and rundowns for the D-Comm, D-Reader, and Evolution.


Digi-Soul | Demon Seals | Digital World Map/FAQ | D-Reader | Purchasable/Attainable Items List | Digimon Primer/FAQ | D-Comm | Evolution (Not yet online) | Fan Made Digimon

You can find the rules here.


There are two places for RPing:
Your character's personal journal

For the things your character thinks, things that happen, etc., you post in your character's journal (but everyone has to add everyone for this to work!). Characters may choose to filter certain entries from people, or to make them public, just like a real journal.

For logs with other people, events, tournaments, etc., you post to dive_logs.

dive_ooc is for players to interact with each other, introduce themselves, drop characters, and anything of the sort.

dive_plots is for putting together plots for the community and helping to better build interaction.

The main community, digital_dive, is for mod announcements, special events/Digimon, and generally anything the mods need to do/say.

Click the following links for the Taken Characters and the Character Add/Remove List:

Taken Characters A-L
Taken Characters M-Z
Original Characters
Character Friend Add List
Reserved Characters
Character Friend Remove List

CONTACTS ( in digitaldivemods)


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