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General Rules

1. Practice good netiquette. Don't deliberately try to cause problems, make all OOC posts clear and well mannered, and remember that respect applies to all OOC interaction regarding the role-play, be it in chat or any of the affiliated communities. If you have a problem with another member, bring it up to the moderators, and don't resort to flaming.

2. No "backseat moderating." The enforcement of the rules is up to the moderators, and it is not up to you to comment to others on what they are doing wrong when. If you suspect someone is breaking the rules, bring it up to a moderator and don't presume authority.

3. Elements considered "not safe for work" (NSFW) are permissible as part of the role-play canon, but please do not play them out on the main community. Please play such things out on private journals, under a friends lock. We prefer that you also flag it for adult content, but this is not required.

a. This also includes threads that have excessive amounts of violence. Not all fights fall into this category, just ones that involve highly detailed portrayals of significant harm, blood loss, or graphic character death. If you have any questions about this, please ask a moderator.

b. For characters under the age of 14, anything related to the portrayal of them as partaking in sexual situations cannot be depicted or referenced on the community or in character journals, even if it is not actually played out.

4. If you wish to play out a specific log with someone, you must get their clear and concise permission OOCly first. In short, do not assume that the log will be played out or that the mun or character is available until you have made sure of this.

5. Good spelling and grammar are encouraged.

6. Punishment for breaking rules is decided on a case-by-case basis, usually involving a warning, a probationary period with some allowances taken away, or, in the worst case scenario, a ban.

Gaming Rules

1. Be in character. Your character doesn't have a free pass once their application is approved. Try to stay in character as much as possible. Please note that we understand that characters can and will change as a result of character development, so don't be afraid to let them grow. This is for behavior that is wildly out of character without justification.

2. Your character can and will take damage. This is a game that relies on balance between combatants, and even in factoring skill, no one character is completely untouchable. This doesn't, however, mean that you should ignore your character's skills and have them lose intentionally, but if we notice your character avoiding damage through repetitive actions and assumed avoidance rather than relying on what their own prowess or the assessment of the opponent's actions, we will look at that character with scrutiny.

3. Don't god mode. Examples of god moding include:

a. Vastly overpowering others in battle without permission.

b. Detailing the actions of characters, or the effects of attacks, on characters you do not control without permission.

c. Manipulating events to a ridiculous extent in order to make your character untouchable and free of any consequences for their actions.

4. NPCs exist for fleshing out the world, and/or providing a brief challenge for your characters. Recurring NPCs are allowed, but they should not be overused to the point that they seem as though they exist for the purpose of beefing up your individual character's standing. Again, if you have any questions about this, ask the moderators. Also, please note that some NPCS are controlled by the mods for plot purposes, and do not exist for this reason, and that if you create an NPC, that character is now open to be used by anyone in the community. If you would like to have particular ownership of an NPC, please bring it up to a moderator, and we will advise you on what to do.

5. In accordance with one of the Application Rules, your character's natural powers must be portrayed as being scaled no stronger than an Adult (Champion-level) digimon. However, Digi-Soul abilities are the exception, as detailed here.

It should be noted, though, that we allow wiggle room for this, and if you have any related ideas here, please bring them up to the moderators.

6. If you want to make any series that another character comes from fictional to your character, or for them to have any knowledge of their world, you must first ensure that it is okay with the mun for that character - even if you have portrayed it as such in the past.

7. The point of this game is that it is a digimon role-play. Part of the whole point is exploring your character as a digimon tamer. Use your character's partner with regularity, and do not ignore them.

8. The following are rules related to the portrayal of evolution in the game:

a. Evolution to either Baby, Baby II, Child, or Adult is unrestricted and has no requirements whatsoever.

b. Evolution to Perfect requires you to meet at least one of the following requirements: 1) Having the character be in the game for three months and their partner having achieved two, on-screen, battle-related evolutions in that time period; or 2) Achieving five, on-screen, battle-related evolutions before three months. If they are always at adult form, they simply have to appear during these events and fight, rather than be portrayed as evolving.

c. Jogressing is open to anybody, as long as the partners of both characters meet any of the above requirements.

d. Evolution to Ultimate is currently locked off, due to story reasons. You may however plan for this evolutionary stage and include it on your application.

e. If you play an unpartnered digimon, then the above rules still apply. They simply have to evolve or appear on their own.
Evolution through the use of a Digimental does not count towards an evolution requirement tally.

9. For storyline purposes, some characters may be allowed special provisions to exist outside some of the rules for evolution, power, and various other elements. These characters are listed as "Special Privilege" or "SP Characters", and this status is assigned on a case by case basis - usually to moderators. All major NPCS are SP characters, including the Demon Kings, Area Leaders, and various others.

A full list of SP characters and their abilities is pending.

10. In regards to death: When a Digimon dies, they are reverted to Digi-Egg form. Digimon unconnected to Tamers have no memory of their previous life when they are reborn. Digimon connected to Tamers CAN have their memories intact, due to their connection with their partner.

A Tamer, however, that dies, is - in most cases (some exceptions may be given for robotic or undead characters) - dead. And henceforth, due to "unforeseen variances in the program," when a character dies, Yggdrasil will forcefully remove them from the system. The "system," of course, being the Digital World.

While there may be methods of resurrection either as part of the game or the character's abilities or original canon, it will be up to the player to discuss the matter with the moderators, and to figure out a way that fits within the world setting. It is also not something that will be passed or allowed often, so please think carefully before setting your characters down a path they may not be able to return form.

Application/Reservation Rules

1. The minimum for history is now four paragraphs. However, we will not refuse applications that are longer, or are more thorough. Use your space well and focus on writing about your character and their place in their world as well as possible.

2. We allow original characters. However, please realize that we will approaching them with more scrutiny than most characters, and that one should avoid having them come off as Mary or Gary Stus. This is simply because most other characters usually have an entire canon to back them up and fall back upon, and original characters have to sustain themselves completely on the player's own ideas.

3. We allow applications for characters who are digimon, and are not partnered to a human. However, if that digimon is of the Ultimate level, their power will be reduced to that of a Perfect digimon upon entry into the digital world.

4. Your character must have a digimon partner - unless they are a digimon themselves.

5. Do not copy-paste from sources such as Wikipedia or anywhere else. If you are caught doing this, you will be asked to rewrite the copied section wholesale. You may also not directly rewrite from Wikipedia, or turn in elements of an application derived entirely from them.

6. If you are going to apply for an original character who is in any way related to a character (future children, long lost sibling, etc.) that is already in Dive, you must first ask the player (or players) of those characters if this is acceptable. This does not apply to characters who not original, and have a relation to an existing one in canon.

7. There is a "two strikes, you're out" policy on applications. You will be asked to revise certain areas once, and if you fail to meet the moderators' standards the second time, your application will be rejected and you must wait two weeks before applying again.

8. The rules for character reservations can be found Here.

9. If you have over 15 characters, you may only apply for two characters from any fictional work a month, no matter how minor they are. This comes with several stipulations:

a. This only applies to canonical characters, and there is no limit on how many you can apply for before you pass the 15 character mark. However, if you have an OC, they will still be counted when you reach a total of 15 characters.

b. If your application is rejected, this does not count as one of your monthly applications, and you can still reapply for them before the time is up.

c. People who fall into this category may only have two reservations per month, or however many depending on any applications one has posted that month already.

d. These don't "stack." If you fail to post two applications each month, you don't get two more the following month.

If you adopt a character from someone else, you don't have to apply for them, but it still counts as one of your monthly acquisitions.

10. Do not leave any field of your application or reservation blank, or list any parts of it as being "on file" already.

11. Timeskips and app addendums must now be applied for separately. The requirements for them are listed on their respective pages.

12. The following digimon are banned as direct partner evolutions:

Lucemon (all forms)
Arkadimon (all forms)
Apocalymon (all forms)
Dukemon Crimson Mode
Imperialdramon Paladin Mode
ShineGreymon Burst Mode
MirageGaogamon Burst Mode
Rosemon Burst Mode
Ravemon Burst Mode
BanchouLeomon Burst Mode
Gizmon (all forms)

Please note that some of these may be opened up as enhanced forms for Ultimate digimon in the future; this is just a list of forms that characters cannot take as their first, normal Ultimate evolution when that ability becomes available. Any fan made digimon derived from these digimon are also similarly banned. Some of these digimon may be used as story-relevant NPCs, controlled by the moderators.

Also note that Imperialdramon Fighter Mode and Beelzebumon Blast Mode are still allowed as normal evolutions, but not as mode changes - meaning they must evolve from a perfect digimon.

Special Note: We now allow certain Xros Wars digimon into the game; for a list of which ones, and what levels they are considered to be, please see this post.

13. Generally, Human Hybrid digimon can be used as Adults, Armor digimon can be used as Adults or Perfects, Beast and Advance Hybrid digimon can be used as Perfects, and Z Hybrids can be used as Ultimate digimon. Any examples of these used in different ways prior to this occurred before this rule was put into place, and are thus grandfather caused in.
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