Digital Dive Mods (digitaldivemods) wrote in digital_dive,
Digital Dive Mods

Timeskip Application

When a character wants to advance their character through canon that happened after they applied for the character, or send them back home for another reason, we refer to this as a timeskip. In the past, we've allowed people to do so informally, but from here on, we will be asking people to do a "timeskip application" for their characters.

It should be noted, you are only allowed to timeskip a character once.

Here is the format for the timeskip application.

New History: [Doesn't have to be as thorough as the original application's history, but it should cover as much as it needs to.]
Abilities: [Did your character accquire any new abilities along the way? Note: This does not count as your one per character app addendum]
Personality: [Did your character change at all as a result of their timeskip? If necessary, put in their original personality write up to contrast with the changes.]

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