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Timeskip Application

When a character wants to advance their character through canon that happened after they applied for the character, or send them back home for another reason, we refer to this as a timeskip. In the past, we've allowed people to do so informally, but from here on, we will be asking people to do a "timeskip application" for their characters.

It should be noted, you are only allowed to timeskip a character once.

Here is the format for the timeskip application.

New History: [Doesn't have to be as thorough as the original application's history, but it should cover as much as it needs to.]
Abilities: [Did your character accquire any new abilities along the way? Note: This does not count as your one per character app addendum]
Personality: [Did your character change at all as a result of their timeskip? If necessary, put in their original personality write up to contrast with the changes.]

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New History: Upon taking the Gold Ranger powers, Jason would act in the same capacity as his friend Tommy Oliver as the second-in-command and Sixth Ranger. When Prince Gasket, the first-built son of King Mondo of the Machine Empire, captured and brainwashed Tommy, Jason took up the leader reigns again to rescue his friend. Soon after, the Gold Ranger energies were starting to affect Jason. As well, Prince Trey of Triforia was starting to disappear because of the lack of power. Because of this, Jason was forced to return the powers to Trey and retired from Ranger life once again.

Sometime later, Jason would find himself kidnapped alongside former Pink Ranger Kimberly as the space pirate Divatox decided to use them as sacrifices to revive Maligore. The Rangers gave chase, aided by the new Turbo powers and new Blue Ranger Justin, only to watch as they were sacrificed and brought back, charged with evil. Both attacked the Turbo Rangers until they restored to normal by the creature known as Lerigot. The teens watched on soon after as the Turbo Rangers chased after Maligore and struck him down with the Turbo Megazord.

Years later, the remains of the Machine Empire resurfaced on the Moon intending on finding and resurrecting the mighty machine Serpenterra. In the process, Red Space Ranger Andros discovered this and raced to Earth, contacting the retired Ranger Tommy. With the aid of Red Lightspeed Rescue Ranger, Carter, the trio recruited five other Red Rangers - Jason, second Red Turbo Ranger T.J, Red Time Force Ranger Wes, Quantum Ranger Eric and Red Wild Force Ranger Cole. Upon seeing the other Rangers, Jason expressed how proud he was to see the other leader-types, but had reservations for the more excitable Cole, whom he kept calling "rookie". The eight soon raced towards the Moon and confronted the Machine Empire. When they found themselves overpowered, aid arrived in the form of the Red Lost Galaxy Ranger Leo and the Red Alien Ranger Aurico. Together, the 10 Red Rangers struck down the last of the Empire and destroyed Serpenterra. As the team seperated and Cole expressed his awe towards Tommy, the other Red Rangers brushed him off and tried to prove they were better than him, with Jason mentioning he was leading the team while Tommy was off with Kimberly at the Juice Bar.

Abilities: Losing the Gold Ranger powers, Jason fell back onto the powers of the original Tyrannosaurs Power Coin. Beyond the normal power boost upon morphing, he's armed with two weapons: the Blade Blaster, a weapon that can change from short sword mode to blaster mode; and the Power Sword, a broadsword-like weapon.

Personality: No change
New History: During her third try at the State Alchemy Exam, due to how much time, dedication and effort she put into her studies and practices, Sabine managed to pass both the writing and the practical part of the exam and she was given her State Alchemist Certification along side the codename "Bonding Alchemist" from the President himself. Elated and proud in herself for not giving up, she worked as hard as she could to fulfill her role in the military.

She primarily worked in the lab that Central had, processing and cataloging data and information that they collected and also was ordered to go to a few cities and towns that needed military assistance. Unfortunately, due to working for the military, Sabine was faced with discrimination and she was called either "Dog of the Military" or more affectionately known as "Bitch of the Military". These nicknames didn't deter her from doing her job and that was to help people in suffering towns and cities.

So far, things were really looking up for Sabine. She had a good paying job, was helping people out who needed it, and was even happy at what she did, despite all the things she saw while working for the military. Unfortunately, this wasn't meant to last as a civil war in Central broke out and Sabine took it upon herself, without orders, to evacuate citizens who were in their homes and guide them to safety. Yet, despite her efforts, Sabine was targeted by a civilian who had fired a shot. It grazed her and she immediately took action, leaving the citizens temporarily to deal with who fired the shot.

When she got there, she was the prime target for a group of them who called her unsavory names. She acted as any soldier would in the military and calmly questioned them, however this was in vain because the group decided to attack her. She tried her best to try to not fight them, however the confrontation got ugly fast and Sabine had to raise arms against them. Half way through, she was shot in the stomach by the civilian who fired the first shot at her. She nearly passed out, however she got an idea to use fire to seal her wounds off for the time being. She attempted the transmutation, and after many tries, she managed to stand up on her feet again. She knew she had to work fast, and so, she did another transmutation that caused the first civilian to blow up due to his chemical makeup completely changing. Shortly after this, the group dispersed and Sabine passed out on the ground.

She woke up in a hospital days later with stitches in her stomach, and found out that she was promoted to Sergeant. Despite the promotion, the memory of how she easily killed the civilian burned deep into her head, and she felt like hell because of it due to how she didn't kill anyone directly in her life. She took some time to herself to recover in the hospital physically as well as mentally to do her job efficiently as she did before the civil war happened, which entailed a vacation back to Xenotime to see Russell, Fletcher, Alexandrine and the rest of her town again after being away from it so long.

Months later, Sabine returned to work and helped her new squad out with guiding them to the right answer, and due to her maternal instinct, her squad was happy to work for her and she was happy to be guiding them, yet she was strict in her policies. This happiness was short lived also due to how Dietlinde declared war on Central. She went off and fought in the war and led her men to fight also. During the fight, she was wounded again by getting shot in the side and also had her automail busted up. Yet, she still fought, despite the wounds she received. After this war, she was taken to the hospital to recover.

It's said that some time while she was recovering from her wartime wounds, Sabine was whisked away to the Digital World again for unfinished business.
Abilities: Considering her abilities, Sabine really hasn't changed much, but she is quite capable of leading a small squadron. Other than that, nothing has changed significantly.

Personality: Due to seeing how bad humanity and war can be, Sabine's cynicism and depression only got worse. She has acquired a sense of that war shapes people to be horrible that's only cushioned by herself believing that she dragged herself through the worse sin someone could do to someone else and that's kill another human being. Despite what people have told her that she had to do it and that she was protecting herself, she still blames herself for killing him and taking him away from his family. She also believes that she's soiled her hands with enough blood to last a lifetime, which hasn't made her PTSD any better. Couple that with the fact she has to remain calm and even for her soldiers, she pretty much has been falling back on bad habits to just smile the pain, hurt and depression away when she's only hurting herself in the end.
New History: When Sabine received her certification for passing the State Alchemy Exam, Horatio continued to mainly remain in the small house he shared with Sabine and went along with her on her travels, however when she went on dangerous missions, he stayed home and made sure the house was just as she left it.

When the civil war in Central broke out, Horatio helped Sabine lead the civilians to safety, however he was instructed to keep on doing what the two of them were doing when Sabine went after the man who fired the first shot. He was worried over his cousin and was even more worried when he heard a second shot fired. He fled the scene, too, after he gave instructions to the civilians to get to safety. Horatio saw Sabine falling to the ground, and with only a bit of earth alchemy on his side, he tried to fight the men off unsuccessfully while he protected his cousin who was trying to ignite a fire to seal her wounds off temporarily. He was beaten up as a result when Sabine managed to stand again and finish off the first civilian. The group shortly dispersed and Horatio managed to take Sabine to the hospital to recover from her bullet wound after she passed out.

While she was in the hospital, Horatio waited for her to wake up and when she did, he decided that they could celebrate her promotion when she was all better. When she decided to go back to Xenotime, he went along with her, and Sabine made up her mind that Horatio shouldn't have to have seen war in the face or soil his hands with fighting, so before she left to go back to Central, she told Horatio to stay in Xenotime and find something that he enjoyed doing, not follow her around all over the place. This was a tearful moment between the two of them, but he understood her reasoning why she wanted him to do it, and she even took it upon herself to congratulate him for finally growing up and that she was proud of what he did to save her life.

Sabine returned to Central and Horatio stayed in Xenotime to help it rebuild. It's assumed that after the second war happened in Central, and while Sabine was recovering from her wartime wounds, he, like his cousin, was whisked away to the Digital World again.

Abilities: Horatio's own abilities have extended to being able to fight a little bit better than he did in the past and he's able to take a punch or two. Besides that, he really hasn't changed much in the ability department.

Personality: After seeing that not everything is like a Shakespearean play, Horatio decided to smarten up and be more grown up. He traded in his blissful ignorance and realized that if he didn't grow up, then he'd not only hurt himself, but the people around him who care about him, like his cousin. He's grown more serious, but he isn't afraid to crack a joke time to time. He's less dependent on Sabine and is finally growing into a respectable gentleman, which is met by him always helping out as much as possible to make Xenotime thrive again and to show that he has grown up.
New History: Following the defeat/healing of Nehelenia, Hotaru kept herself out of the battle against the Sailor Phages, even while her foster parents aided the Sailor Senshi. She only stepped in to help after Sailor Galaxia stole the Star Seed of Princess Kakyuu, protecting Eternal Sailor Moon with her Silent Wall attack. The Senshi regrouped at the Hikawa Shrine, but the Outers slipped away and met on their own. Together they agreed on a group assault against Galaxia.

Saturn and the other three Outer Senshi infiltrated Ginga TV, the building that Galaxia was using for her headquarters, and managed to get into a control room. There they saw Galaxia holding the three Sailor Starlights hostage in her throne room. The Outers watched on the monitors as Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon transported the Inner Senshi into Galaxia's throne room, as Galaxia attempted to steal the Star Seeds of the Sailor Starlights and as the Inners took the blasts instead.

Several minutes after watching the Inner Senshi's sacrifice, the Outers were joined by Eternal Sailor Moon and the Sailor Starlights as Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon teleported them to the control room. While Uranus and Neptune decided to go fight Galaxia, Saturn tried to comfort the grieving Sailor Moon. When Sailor Star Fighter said that they couldn't win against Galaxia without the "Light of Hope", Saturn disagreed. She approached the three Starlights and asked if they liked Sailor Moon. When Fighter answered that they did, Saturn smiled and replied that they all had the same hope. She asked them to believe in their princess. Following this exchange, Saturn and Pluto followed Uranus and Neptune to Galaxia's throne room.

They reached the throne room in time for Saturn to use her Silent Wall attack to protect her foster parents from blasts from Galaxia's bracelets. Saturn proclaimed that she would destroy Galaxia even if it meant she herself would die in the process. Galaxia merely laughed and revealed that she had been the one responsible for Saturn's reawakening in the first place; she had wanted to obtain all the Star Seeds of the Solar System, but as a baby Saturn's was too immature. So Galaxia freed Nehelenia from her prison so that Hotaru would age to the point that she would reawaken as Sailor Saturn. Galaxia attacked the Outers again, this time destroying the Silence Glaive as well as Pluto's Garnet Rod.

Knowing she had the upper hand, Galaxia made the four Outer Senshi an offer: give up their Star Seeds and work for her. Saturn and Pluto refused, but after a moment's consideration Uranus and Neptune accepted Galaxia's offer. Their Star Seeds were taken and they were given bracelets similar to Galaxia's. Galaxia ordered her two new servants to take the Star Seeds of their former allies. At first Saturn and Pluto fought against Uranus and Neptune, but realized that they stood no chance as Uranus and Neptune seemed to be fighting for real. Ultimately the two Senshi stood down and allowed their Star Seeds to be stolen. Eternal Sailor Moon found her way back to the throne room as Pluto and Saturn faded away. Saturn asked Sailor Moon not to forget her trusting heart, then faded away. Saturn's Star Seed joined the other Star Seeds that Galaxia had collected, until it was freed when Princess Serenity dispelled Chaos from Galaxia's body. That Star Seed, as well as the other Seeds of the Solar System Senshi, returned to Princess Serenity and they were restored.

Once Chaos was defeated and Sailor Galaxia healed, Hotaru once again returned home with her foster parents. At their car parked on the side of the road, they watched four shooting stars (actually the Sailor Starlights and Princess Kakyuu returning home) streak by. Hotaru and Setsuna both made wishes; Setsuna asked Hotaru what she wished for, only for Hotaru to tell her that it was a secret. Hotaru then asked Setsuna what she wished for, but Setsuna slyly used Hotaru's response against her. When Hotaru asked Haruka and Michiru what they had wished for, Michiru responded that they didn't need to wish for anything as they were happiest now.

Afterwards the four Outer Senshi returned home. Hotaru thought her life would return to normal, but then she was summoned back to the Digital World.
Abilities: Hotaru gained no new powers, but did lose a weapon as a result of the destruction of the Silence Glaive.

Personality: Hotaru may be a bit more self-confidant, but otherwise she is still the same.
New History: Two years have passed since Optimus had gone back to his own world, Allspark Fragment curiously restored. Since then, he and the humans have been working together defeating Deceptions as they go along. The humans have formed an organization known as Nest, and have devoted themselves to defending their planet against the Deceptions.

Two years have passed and an attack in Shanghai resulted in a warning “The Fallen will rise again”. To this, the Autobots were worried and they spoke to the General in charge of NEST Deployment.

Optimus, concerned about the new news, went to Sam and asked him for him, as the new National Security Advisory Galloway was asking for the removal of Autobot presence from Earth as he believed there was a war. Sam turned Optimus down and Optimus continued to do what he did best.

However, when an attack on Sam was known and Megatron was revived by the last remaining bit of the Allspark to their knowledge, Optimus faced him, Grindor and Starscream. Optimus died in this battle, and remained so until Sam plunged the Matrix of Leadership into Optimus’ spark chamber in Egypt. The physical Matrix was then stolen by the Fallen and the Fallen tried to use it to activate the Sun Harvester device. Optimus was given the parts from an old elder known as Jetfire, and used the upgraded devices to fight the Fallen, killing him in order to prevent the world from being destroyed.

Megatron and Starscream fled, and Optimus shed the remaining parts that were falling off him. To this end, they honor their human allies once again, and the Matrix was destroyed in the process.
Abilities: No new abilities, save for stronger weaponry due to being united with the Matrix of Leadership for a brief moment. Brings his scale from mid-level adult to high level adult.

Personality: No new personality. Maybe a little more witty, but definitely classic Prime.


7 years ago


7 years ago

New History: Sent back before the rest of the Autobots, Prowl had to fight a battle alongside friends who were unaware of the situation that was fast arising. Things proceeded as usual until Prowl went out to capture Starscream, and entered into a reluctant alliance with Lockdown. He was given armor upgrades and they went to his head. In the end, it was discovered that they were clones of Starscream, and not the real deal. That, and dealing with the consequences of his recklessness, caused Prowl to sacrifice his armor to get rid of the two Starscream clones that self destructed.

Soon however, the battles took them close to home as Megatron’s space bridge was nearly completed. During the battle, Prowl tried to use a Mind over Matter ability and break free from stasis cuffs. He succeeded and went to help the rest of the autobots starting with Prime.

It was then discovered later on that Sari was half cybertronian and the statement of a liquid metal body had Prowl break into Sumdac Towers and research until he concluded that it was a Protoform that Sari came from, mixed with Issac’s DNA. Soon, Sari’s new upgrade went out of control and he had to stop Sari by taking the key away from her. Despite this, it didn’t go over well and Sari was still out of control until they managed to get her control back.

Later on, when Sentinel appeared to be capturing Decepticons and locking them away, Prowl was told that the one who may have done it wore a very specific helmet, one worn by his Circuit-Su master Yoketron. Seeking the truth, he eventually happened upon Lockdown and demanded the return of Yoketron’s helmet. Lockdown did so but boobytrapped it, trapping Prowl. It was revealed that Lockdown was once Yoketron’s student, much like Prowl was, and he was the one who killed Yoketron and stole all of the protoforms. Prowl escaped and used a copy of his sidecar armor to defeat Lockdown. To this end, he wore the helmet of Yoketron and the extra armor.

When Jazz joined the earth-bound Autobots after feeling that Sentinel had gotten too big for his ego, Jazz completed Prowl and during a session, he materialized a piece of Allspark.

In the climactic battle however, Prowl and Jazz reassembled all of the remaining Allspark pieces, but found it wasn’t enough as they didn’t have enough. In a last ditch effort, Prowl united his spark with the Allspark, and died a heroes death, protecting the citizens of Detroit from annihilation, and bringing an end to Megatron’s reign of terror.

He was returned as a hero…
Abilities: Prowl now sports new armor that allows him to fly, and move faster. He still retains his usual weaponry but has increased his punch. However, due to dying, he’s still quite weak initially.

Personality: No new personality traits show with significant change, except that he’s a bit more collected and respects his teammates fully.


7 years ago


7 years ago

New History: When Lillian returned to her home world, the Oracle – pretty much the god-powers guy of this side of the multiverse – had already put time in a freeze until the Guardians returned. When they did return and time started up again, it was still 2008, very shortly after Lillian was pulled into Dive. It almost seemed like she’d never left – though that wasn’t the same with the others. Though their parents were told about their daughters’ status as Guardians, they were still worried over.

Now that Lillian knew of the girls’ Guardian powers, she tried everything she could to get involved in the mystical magical adventures they had…except in the immediate future, the Guardians had no real mystical magical adventures. Lillian’s biggest adventures came from keeping the world of magic and Hearts a secret from Chris – who had to find out the hard way on his own, she knew – and babysitting Nate Vandom and Anya Collins, Will’s half-siblings, once she reached double digits. She tried to get involved when Cornelia and the other Guardians raced off to California – Ben Tennyson needed their help, big end of the world thing – but she was effectively grounded via a door locked from the outside. This was her only chance to really get involved in anything, but there was one thing Lillian did know: She was going back to the Digital World.

Though they’d tried to keep most of the occurrences secret, most of the Guardians slipped, and Lillian ended up quite knowledgeable about the time she would reappear in. Of course, with time being a big ball of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff, she didn’t know if everything would remain the same, but she still braced herself for when her powers would manifest and when she would be taken back to the Digital World. For the most part, she just focused on growing up a not-so-normal teenager.

In 2013, when Lillian was fifteen, on Halloween night, she gained complete control over the Heart of Earth. Monsters started attacking her and Chris, who were out together that night, and Lillian gave Napoleon the subtle go ahead to explain everything – about the Heart of Earth, about how he, Huggles, and Matt were the Regents, everything. She acted surprised at this turn of events, if only so Chris wouldn’t get mad at her for keeping it secret for so long. On Halloween Night, anyone could take the Heart of Earth, so they had more things to worry about. Lillian tried using her powers to protect them, but found it was a lot harder than she figured – and Chris stepped up to protect her. She knew he had to get his powers from somewhere and right then realized what she had to do. She wished Chris had the power to defend himself, effectively giving half of the powers of the Heart of Earth to him.

Will was able to get the two out of danger by folding them in Meridian, and they began training to use their powers. Lillian insisted Chris keep his new powers so he could be protected if Phobos, who was the one trying to take Lillian’s Heart of Earth, tried to attack him. They grew closer during their training. When Halloween rolled around the next year, it just so happened nearly all of the protectors Lillian could have – the Guardians, Ben Tennyson, the Xiaolin Dragons, anyone – were stuck on other missions around the galaxy. She and Chris were on their own, though they held up in Meridian Castle to get as much defense as possible. Just as her budding relationship with Chris was about to bloom, Cedric, another enemy of the Guardians, launched an attack on the castle. Chris tried to defend Lillian but was defeated, knocked unconscious…and taken to the Digital World before Lillian’s eyes.

Of course, Lillian didn’t realize this was the time Chris was supposed to be snatched up, so, in a rage, she tapped into her powers and defeated not only Cedric, but the forces that traveled with him. Just as she was calming herself and started looking for Chris, she – and Napoleon – were taken back to the Digital World.
Abilities: As a heart-holder, her powers coming to fruition means Lillian can now fly and have control of the Reverse elements – Ice, Lightening, Wood, Gravity, and Flare. Gravity can weigh things down or suck things in – but it operates in a limited range and with limited power. It can be used to throw someone, but Lillian isn’t good with using it for long periods of time or in long distances. Flare is the opposite of Quintessence – it essentially breaks things down. It is, in simple terms, a laser of destruction. These are of course scaled down to an Adult Digimon range.

Lillian’s always had the slight ability to create things due to wishing, and with the Heart of Earth’s powers belonging completely to her, they are supercharged. Back on Earth, she has the power to grant any wish, be it reality changing or not. In the Digital World, things are a little different. They are less wishes as they are spells. Essentially, her reality-altering abilities are nerfed completely, and she works as a mage. She can grant a small “wish,” but it must be directed like a spell and it only works in a limited radius. For example, a kind of wish she can do in defense would be “I wish there was a magical barrier around [Person X].” Person X has to be not only at least ten feet away from Lillian (in any direction), but they cannot move out of this radius or the spell wears off. As for other people’s wishes, she can choose what to grant but again she has to be near the person (ie. no random wish granting on the D-Comms) and it cannot be anything reality changing or extreme. She cannot create a massive something out of nothing – in other words, no random giant robots.

As for wish rules, each wish can last up to a half an hour unless it requires a lot of energy. A high-energy wish such as a large shield, energy weapon like a sword, giant mallet, etc. or other in-battle creation will use up more energy than a low-energy wish such as giving Caleb more girly sparkles. Low-energy wishes are harmless and will go the full half hour before disappearing. High-energy wishes will fluctuate, lasting at most five minutes. The more wishes going at the same time, the faster the run out. She also can’t directly bring death on someone.

If Lillian grants too many wishes (especially high-level wishes) she is liable to pass out.

Personality: (Original personality) Lillian learned that the youngest in a family is often spoiled at an early age and thus exploits that. She has the talent of being sickeningly sweet when she’s actually just playing any nearby adults for fools, though she only often uses this when it involves tormenting her sister in some way, shape, or form. Deep down, she really cares for Cornelia and often feels insulted when she goes off and “ditches [her] for her friends” instead of plays with her or at least talks to her. Because she is a young child, she’s quite naïve at times, focusing only on the fun of the moment. Her large imagination has made her love all things mystical and magical, though she only believes them to be fiction.

(New personality) Lillian still has her creative imagination and talent of acting sweet to get her way – but she’s a lot more mature than she was as a child. The knowledge that she controls Earth’s magic has sobered her extremely, so while she still loves getting attention and new things, she’s not the same spoiled child she used to be. Also, surprisingly, she’s grown closer to Cornelia, though the two of them still often argue and Lillian adores teasing her; still, she can understand why her sister has to run off and leave her whenever the world’s in trouble, and so long as it’s for that and not, say, a boy, she understands when she has to go back on her word. As she’s grown up, though, Lillian’s also grown a bit more “devious” in her schemes. Whenever possible, she pours on the snark and sarcasm, watching her friends and family squirm so long as it’s not life threatening.



7 years ago

New History:
Once Red had gone back to his world, he started to training for the upcoming Viridian City Qualifications for the next Gym Leader. However, despite all his efforts, and even after beating the Six Pokemon he had to defeat, Red declined the offer, knowing that with the injury he still had, he couldn’t. After Green had came along, and stopped a Pokemon Rampage in the area, Red was told to go to Mt. Silver, in order to heal his injury. Acquiring Green’s Charizard, and leaving his Gyarados in behind, Red left to Mt. Silver, having to have climb it, due to Charizard not being able to fly to a place where he haven’t flown before.

Red arrived there, and took a bath at the Hot Springs - also know as the “Fire” Springs - when he arrived. During his stay there, he had met up with Sabrina, who was healing herself, and eventually Blue, who had given him her Blastoise for the time being, filling it up with water from the fire springs. Soon enough, he had been completely healed with the Springs, and went to go and help with the current situation.

First, he saved a Monorail from crashing into a wall with Lax, stopping the Monorail and using himself as a shield between the Monorail and the wall. He then met up with Green, Erika, and a few others, before going with Green back to the Stadium. Or at least, they thought before the Destiny Spoon Sabrina had given him was leading them towards the Iles Forest. They changed their direction at that point, showing up in the forest right in the middle of a Bird battle: Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres VS Lugia and Moltres.

Getting on Articuno, Red helped Blue ( along with Green ) defeat the two who were controlling the two Johto Legendaries, also with the help of Silver. After Lugia and Ho-Oh were free from their grasp, they flew off, where the group went to meet up with the rest of the group: Crystal, Gold, and Yellow. The battle continued then, Red giving Blue and Green back their Pokemon, saying that they should fight with them, and not with the three birds. During the battle, Red and the other trainers were then frozen in place, due to an Ice attack by Pryce, the mastermind behind everything, who was trying to get Celebi to turn back in time. What they needed was the Rainbow and Silver Wings, which Blue had placed onto Yellow’s Hat.

This was the time when Red learned of Yellow’s actual gender, very surprised before he had Blue’s Blastoise use the water it got from Mt. Silver to spread the fire Entei had left. When Red and the others joined up with the Johto Pokedex Holders again, Gold seemed gone, before he came up. Everything seemed peaceful again, though an awkward moment came about in between Misty, Red, and Yellow, and Gold pulled Red away, in order for him to train him on Mt. Silver. Red agreed, and for the next two years, Red had trained with Gold.

After the two years had past, Red is now Sixteen, heading back to Pallet Town in order to see what Professor Oak wanted. However, when they arrived, they had to give back their Pokedexes, and were then attacked with as mysterious attacker. They didn’t have an idea what it was, but seeing the Tri-Pass they acquired, the two of them then flew to the boat that was about to leave to One Island. During this Boat ride, they met up with Bill, and eventually met up with Blue while they were getting up. However, it wasn’t a happy reunion, as Blue was being attacked by yet another mysterious attacker.

They brought Blue to One Island, and eventually got trained by an old Woman called Brinca. During this training, Red and Green eventually received the ultimate moves Blast Burn, and Frenzy Plant. However, also during this training, they learned that their enemy seems to have two forms. , Right after learning of such a thing, they were called to another island, where Green and Red met up with Bill, and received the VS Seeker. It was then when they encountered Lorelei, who would this time help them against the enemy, and the first of the three who was causing trouble on the islands. After escaping an explosion, and was marked as enemies, the three of them (Green, Red, and Lorelei), had to go and try to defend three islands from getting destroyed.
During these battles, Red fought the same enemy he had fought in the cave, learned about the name of the enemy, while getting thoroughly defeated from it. While this happened, the residents of the island attacked him with rocks, saying he was the cause of the distasters, and without his Pokedex, he wasn’t able to prove that he was a Pokedex holder, despite Bill telling them. He felt completely defeated, thinking that Oak made them give back their Pokedexs because they weren’t worthy, only changing this once Blue told him the reason of why they had to give it back. After this, and after learning his reason for fighting Deoxys, he went back to the ground, ready to fight. Right along side him was now Mewtwo, who he had met while he was emo-ing.

After this, the group then went ahead and fought in a tower, where seemed to have been the base. During part of the battle, they were able to rescue Oak, and Blue’s Parents, along with using their Ultimate Attacks to break Mewtwo free. Then, having has swapped Saur with Charizard, Red left with Charizard and Mewtwo to the Rocket Ship, in order to face the mastermind of the whole thing: Giovanni. During this time, he learned that Green swapped with him not because Saur was currently the weakest of the three due to the previous battle Red had, but because Red had to fly up to the stadium, and because Aero’s wings were pierced, he couldn’t.

Once he had gone onto the Ship (which turned into a battle field), Red fought with Giovanni, having Mewtwo fight with Deoxys. At first, it seemed that Red and Mewtwo were defeated, before Yellow and one of the other Rocket members came onboard, and Red then learned the true meaning of why he attracted Deoxys. Eventually, Red had became friends with Deoxys, as he soon enough saved the ship from crashing into Vermillion City. He met back up with the others, but only moments until the group (Yellow, Blue, Green, Silver, and himself) were petrified from an attack that one of the Rocket Members used.

Two Months went by. During this two months, the group were transferred to the Battle Frontier in Hoenn. The five of them were unpurified after these two months, thanks to Jirachi. They then joined the current battle that was going on against Guile, AKA the leader of Team Aqua, Archie, along with a huge sea monster that he had unleashed. Using Triple Finish (Blast Burn, Frenzy Plany, Hydro Cannon, and even Volt Tackle) on the sea monster, Red and the other Nine Pokedex holders defeated the monster. Afterwards, they all competed in the Battle Frontier, so Emerald can get his last badge. While they were competing, Red was once again brought back into the Digital World, with Saur as Palmon, and Poli.

If anything…. No. Considering that Saur is going to be a Palmon again, Frenzy Plant if out of the question, and Poli is still Poli, perhaps only a bit stronger than in the past. However, seeing the level difference, he won’t be much stronger. Mid-Adult at most. One thing that should be noted though, is that with the introduction of Pokemon abilities, Poli had acquired the ‘Damp’ ability. Thus, Poli can now cancel out explosions with such ability. However, this ability is only in effect if he’s out of his Pokeball.

As for Red’s Pokedex, it is now National, so now his Pokedex has information now for Hoenn Pokemon. Sinnoh is questionable. Either way, he will be able to fight easier against those Pokemon now. He also now has a VS Seeker, which can detect any hostile people within… 50 Meters (it’s 100 Meters in the Manga, but unless having it detect hostility that far is allowed, it’ll be 50 meters? )
New History:

Mendetta luck can be such a bitch sometimes.

Case and point, Noir was sent back to the exact moment he left...his own death. Plunged into the pits of hell he was greeted by Trigon who saw it fit to not only torture his soul ripping and tearing at it in tiny portions at a time, but to mock him for thinking he'd have escaped to another universe. Trigon knew all about it it turns out.

Which just meant the hellish torment his soul was put through was even worse then it would have been. Scenes of horror that were happening to his friends, family, everyone he ever cared about in either universe were played before his very eyes and worse, in many of them he was the instigator.

Time had no meaning in the underworld, seconds were hours were years were eternity. Madness soon overcame him and his entire spiritual existence was defined only by pain.

Respite came from the Pink Witch Tiffany and his murderer Yuna. Plunging into the underworld using a spell that Yuna had found but only a witch like Tiffany or Raven could perform...the duo fought through hordes of demons to procure his soul...or what was left of it.

The return trip was more difficult, as inexperienced at universe hopping as Tiffany was she messed up and sent them to an alternate universe where Terra never came back from her being frozen in stone.

Noir's soul which was in a catatonic state arrived on the roof of Titans Tower with Tiffany and Yuna, fighting off the last of the hell beasts that had chased them through the portal. Tiffany was exhausted and clinging to Yuna for support as they guided the hovering soul back down into the ruined tower.

Inside the Tower they found Beastboy, confused at the sudden shift in reality. In their original universe Beastboy had been recovering from a bad fight with another metahuman, a fight that had left him in a wheelchair. In this universe he was surprised to find he was fine...however the tower was in squalor and for reasons unknown it looked like he'd been living there like a homeless squatter. Worse yet there were spent syringes laying around.

Raven arrived following the huge pulse of magic from tearing open a hole in the universe. She had changed, now wearing the mark of Scath on her forehead.

Raven summoned forth the dead and decaying body of Noir from it's resting place, reuniting the soul and the body and healing it so he would live once more. Something had gone wrong however. His soul was broken and thus he became darker, harsher, more intense. As Raven tried to explain to the children how confused they were, tried to go into their minds to show them what her memories were because she suspected someone had altered there's it was revealed that Terra never came back. Beastboy took off for the cave and Noir tried to stop him. Noir's own memories were hazy and he was more willing to trust Raven then a drug addict.

Beastboy dispatched him with ease and Noir returned to the main group where they traveled to Terra's grave together.

There they found Shift, a sometimes ally sometimes enemy of the Titans and seemingly a servent to Trigon at times. He had provoked Beastboy and the two of them fought resulting in Terra's statue being shattered and Beastboy decapitating Shift. His head survived and continued to mock them giving away precious little useful information.

The Titans took their separate ways from here to find information, Noir stopping at old haunts, his family home, the hospital where his mother died, and finally tracking down other former Titans. Nothing in the world seemed right. The Team was disbanded so Noir decided to go it alone and start tracking down criminals by himself. The first one he caught wind of had murdered a witness in a major case that very night. His investigation led him to believe it was Beastboy, while in reality it was the daughter of Slade.

They fought and Beastboy only narrowly escaped with Yuna's help. Once more betrayed by her Noir was driven into a frenzy and tore across the town tracking them back to the amusement park. Transformed by rage and loss he became a massive beast of shadows and attacked Beastboy and Yuna. Tiffany and Raven arrived having finally sussed out the mistake Tiffany made, and Yuna was forced to run the beast through with a steel beam to defeat it, and bring back Noir.

Raven brought open a portal to return them home, Noir carrying Tiffany after having knocked her out during the battle and they arrived in their own universe.

They had been gone for several weeks, Noir had died December 12th, Tiffany had vanished a week later, and they all returned December 23rd, the same day Gaia and Terra returned to Titans Tower, and Jinx returned from a battle at the mall with Joker bringing with her the younger reborn version of Kako, the half demon who had betrayed Gaia last summer.

Conflict ensued, Jinx hit him, Gaia hit him eventually and his sister even came out of hiding to reveal she'd been there as well...Noir was a very conflicted confused man. Feeling numb and cold to the touch, his emotions locked in neutral till Yuna came to talk to him. His anger and hurt at betrayal nearly got her hurt but she swore she loved him.

Gaia was next...and again his emotions nearly got the better of them both but Gaia calmed him, soothed his soul faster then Yuna had.

Melissa convinced him not only to stay...but to let her stay for a little bit. It was the holidays after all.

Beastboy was made temporary leader of the Titans that night, until Robin could be found by unanimous vote...though Noir had to be coaxed into it. Noir finally only agreed because everyone would hassle him if he didn't. After what he'd seen of the AU Beastboy, and what he knew of Beastboy's personality he didn't truely believe Beastboy could lead.

Christmas eve found them fighting Billy Numerous in a department store while Christmas shopping. Noir cut loose and almost killed Billy, having to be stopped by Cyborg and Beastboy.

That night...the first bit of humanity Noir had shown without losing control came to be as he carried on a family tradition and read The Night Before Christmas to the Titans, and more importantly his sister.

As New Years swiftly approached, Noir got rid of his sister. He encouraged her that he would be fine...and bought her a one way ticket to Japan. It was time for her to follow her own dream and hunt down her idol Kaito, one of the worlds greatest magicians, as well as the Kaitou kid, her hero.

It was the best choice he ever made it seemed as on New Years, a lovecraftian hell broke loose on Jump City spreading slowly. The Titans plunged themselves into the fray and found themselves in a world of dark magic and horror. Sacrifices had to be made to save the rest of the world. The sacrifices chosen were Tiffany, Gaia, Terra, Jinx and Starfire.


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New History: Returning from the Digital World, Takeru is left wondering just what it WAS he experienced over the past three months. A part of him almost wonders if it was a dream or side effect from some monster's attack... but he also realizes he can't dwell on such things. Arriving with no time passed in his world, he just pushes forward, leading the Shinkengers into battle again and again against the thread of the Gedoushuu and their leader, Chimatsuri Doukoku.

Things begin to change though, as another Gedoushuu, Akumaro, begins to push forward his agenda. After obtaining the Mougyuu Bazooka to combat a firearm wielding Ayakashi, Takeru and the Shinkengers come to an island whose inhabitants have been driven mad by a spell Akumaro had placed on the island. During this time, Takeru and Mako battle Fuwa Juuzou, in which Juuzou calls into question Takeru's motivations.

This strangely shakes Takeru to his core, to the point where he practically shuns Mako when she tries to get through to him. In the end, though, she still stands by to defend him, and Takeru is able to vanquish the spell on the island... but he's still left shaken and out of sorts. This continues into the next phase of Akumaro's plan, who accidentally angers Doukoku when he tries to use another Gedoushuu, Tayuu, for his plans. So much so, Doukoku rises from the Sanzu River, sending Akumaro running scared... and seriously injuring Takeru in battle. As Takeru is left broken and bleeding, Doukoku retreats, unable to stay in the Human World and out of contact with the Sanzu River for long, lest his body become dry and brittle.

Takeru is left to recover. When the rest of the team is taken out, leaving only himself and Kotoha, he fights in an injured state, eventually having to rely on Kotoha's power to finish the fight. Kotoha's actions bring Takeru out of his funk, but unfortunately, the final stage of Akumaro's plan is soon revealed. His attacks thus far had been planned to open a rift across Japan that would unleash Hell itself, and all he needed to use was Fuwa Juuzou... and his sword, crafted from the souls of his family. While Genta undergoes some serious turmoil over striking down an enemy such as Juuzou, Takeru keeps faith in him, and indeed, he comes back to his senses in enough time to join the fight. Juuzou chooses to strike down Akumaro rather than release his family's souls, because he's known since the beginning that's what his sword, Uramasa, was. The Shinkengers are left to destroy Akumaro once and for all, and do so.

Soon after, Doukoku's loyal follower, Shitari, joins forces with Tayuu again to try and destroy the Shiba's head, and the team's apparent only chance of sealing Doukoku for good. In this battle, however, the Shinkengers are saved... by ANOTHER, female ShinkenRed... who turns out to be, in fact, the TRUE 18th Head of the Shiba clan. Takeru, as it turns out, is someone raised with no real identity of his own, only to be a "kagemusha" (shadow warrior) to stand in the place of the true Lord, Kaoru. All this time he had been lying to his comrades in order to protect his Princess, and dismisses himself now that the true ShinkenRed has arrived, shamed.

He's confronted by Juuzou, and feeling that he has no life left but to fight this senseless battle, Takeru engages in combat with him. The other four Shinkengers have to deal with the turmoil of having been lied to all this time, all while fighting alongside Kaoru. Eventually, they come to Takeru's side just as he himself is about to fall into Gedou upon defeating Juuzou, swearing their loyalties to him and proving to him that he's not just "nothing."

When they arrive to assist Kaoru and Genta battling a Gedoushuu attack lead by Tayuu, Mako battles her rival one last time... but Tayuu seems to lose on purpose, her shamisen being destroyed by Mako's blow. The turmoil from the spirit of the lover who jilted her trapped in the shamisen is enough to re-summon Doukoku into their world, and he absorbs Tayuu's body into his own. The Shinkengers battle him, with Kaoru attempting to use the perfected Sealing Character to trap him once and for all... but all this does is damage him a little, as it turns out absorbing Tayuu was enough to resist the seal and STAY in the Human World.
Kaoru is heavily injured in the battle, and they all retreat to the Shiba mansion. There, Kaoru and Takeru talk for the first time, about how they've both always been alone because of who they are... but Takeru affirms that hasn't really been the case for him, because of the people that chose to follow him. Knowing that Doukoku is soon to attack, Kaoru goes to speak with the Shinkengers... announcing that she's stepping down as the clan's head. When asked by her retainer, Tanba, how they can fight without a ShinkenRed, she says they DO have one... and Takeru comes up, as its announced he is the new, 19th Head of the Shiba Clan.

How? Simple. Kaoru adopted him.

And Takeru's plan now that they can't SEAL Doukoku? Is simple.

They DESTROY him.

So as Doukoku sets into the Human World, Takeru and company take the fight to him. Though they fall in the first battle - Doukoku leaving them alive so he can bring them Kaoru's head - they pick themselves and march off to fight him again. On the way there, however, they're stopped by Tanba... humbling himself towards Takeru for the first time, and presenting them with Hiden Discs from both himself and Kaoru.

In one last fight, those Discs are enough to put things in their favor, as Ryuunosuke using the Shiba Clan Disc from Kaoru strikes Doukoku down. Well, for his first life.

As Doukoku grows to gigantic size, the Shinkengers utilize their Origami, and focus all their power into ONE, single blow, not stopping as Doukoku rips through each form of Shinken-Oh... until finally they strike him with all their might, destroying Chimatsuri Doukoku for good.

Then, in the end... everyone goes their separate ways, returning to their lives, their families, with Takeru left as the primary watchman against the threat of any Gedoushuu that still remain... And he does this knowing he has friends that will be there whenever he needs them.


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New History: As Hoshi came back from the Digital World, she remembered nothing of the friends she made, the powers she gained and the experiences she had. She noticed things were just as she left them. She still hung around Yoh's team, however her team lost. Yet, the two members didn't want to go home. They loved their leader, still under the lie that she was a guy instead of a girl, which worked for her to work without feeling prejudiced.

She and her team disappeared for some time to hang out in the village, not ready to go home yet. However, when Hoshi could tell that there was trouble brewing, she told them that it was an honor to fight along side them and that she'll see them soon. She went as far as she could to be there in the nick of time when Redseb, Seyram and Camel Munzer were in the Golem. She helped in the efforts to get both of the children out of there safely, even though her furyoku count at the time was roughly around 80,000. Why she decided to help was that even though the Golem was massive in furyoku count -- 550,000 furyoku units -- there were children inside of that behemoth, and she didn't want them to suffer anymore. So, it was clear that she was massively underpowered, but being around Yoh made her realize that she could do anything she put her mind to, and so by doing this, she was devoted to helping out that cause. It was with this that she didn't give up in the fight, even when she was knocked to the ground during the fight.

When the fight finally came to a close, Hoshi decided that she would travel with Yoh's group, figuring out that if she didn't, her life would be pretty boring, and that she wanted to find a way to make her dreams come true, as well as figure out an important part of her own history: Why did Shichiyou decide to attack her of all people? She decided from here on out that she wouldn't give up until she figured that crucial piece out.

Time with her group of friends turned out to be just the thing she needed. She fully enjoyed being part of them, even admitting that she was a girl the entire time in a comical way that ended with her accepting herself for who she was. It was with this that the connection she had with Reiko grew stronger, and as a result, so did her powers. This helped her overcome a fight where she was taken alone and the assailant managed to kill her. This was her first time dying and she was taken into hell. It was here where she fought her hardest to get out and come back to the world of the living. When she came back, she gained new powers and a higher furyoku count. Now it was at 110,000.

When she turned sixteen years old, right at midnight exactly, she was introduced to her incarnations Hikari Tsubasa and Hikari Asuka, who told her that her soul is part of their souls. Dumbfounded by this, she had a bunch of questions to ask them, all of which they answered to the best of their ability. With this newest revelation, Hoshi felt ready to take on the world. What was revealed in the interrogation session was that it wasn't her grandmother who kept her alive. It was the power of her soul and spirit that kept her alive enough to be taken to the hospital. This made her realize that she was strong all along, and that her strength came from within. She stopped doubting herself and tried to make the best of her life as much as she could.*

As everyone was training in hell, Hoshi decided to not get tangled up in that, so she tried to find where Shichiyou was. When she found him, the two of them had their confrontation, and Hoshi found out the reason why Shichiyou hated her. She convinced him that she would never do such a thing, and the fight ended with Hoshi slaying Shichiyou. Shichiyou decided not to come back, so he was changed into a spirit that would follow Hoshi wherever she went.
On the last leg of her journey, she became unofficial sisters with Kyoyama Anna, promising that the Hikari family would help the Asakuras however they could. However, this wasn't the end of all the fighting for her. She was stopped by a few of Hao's followers, namely the Hanagumi, for killing his follower. With the new powers she gained from Shichiyou, as well as figuring how they worked in accordance to one another, Hoshi looked like she was going to win. However, with the combined effort of the Hanagumi, they managed to kill Hoshi. This was her second death, and with her deceased body, the Hanagumi decided to take it to Hao. Yet, she persevered in hell for the second time to get out before the Spirit of Fire would have the chance to feast on not only her fragment of her soul, but Asuka's and Tsubasa's fragments as well. As she escaped from hell, her furyoku spiked up to 170,000. It was with this that before she met Hao face to face, she overpowered the Hanagumi, leaving them with these words:

"Never underestimate a Hikari. We always will come back stronger than before."

She escaped with the fragments of her soul intact, as well as with Shichiyou's spirit. She met up with Yoh and her friends again to complete this chapter, as well as take Hao down for once and for all. Although, she didn't get to participate in the final fight because she was one of the ones who wasn't a "chosen" one, so she stayed behind on the beach with the Asakura Family, the Tao Family, and the others. This didn't deter her from her goal, because she knew however she did that Yoh would complete her dreams for her because she trusted him for helping her find her inner strength. When the Shaman Fight drew to a close, Hoshi bid her friends farewell and promised that she'd see them again.

She went back to her village with her newfound powers and inner strength. When she got there, she found that many trees were planted, as well as new natural resources all around. This signified that the Angelic Entities were saved, and then before she got to the entrance of her village, she found her grandfather was standing just as proud and as strong as she remembered him. This made her elated enough to show some of her tears for a rare opportunity. Her grandfather told her that she was ready to accept her lordship, and this process was started with her reciting a sacred Hikari pledge, followed by signing a document in blood stating that she was the lord of her family. The next step was to burn the bottom of her wrists completely to make the barrier be represented by her body. This hurt her, but she knew long ago that being the lord meant accepting pain to your own body. As her grandfather instructed her in the steps to getting her lordship, she remembered fondly of the memories she had with her friends, and never stopped visiting them, even if it was for a few minutes.

When it was completed, her family held a banquet for everyone in the village to signify their newest lord, as well as welcome back the two most well known lords, besides Hikari Daisuke, back from the afterlife. Hoshi accepted her responsibilities as lord, and began the newest chapter in the Hikari family with an iron fist, but yet her rules were lenient.

When everyone was invited back for a reunion, Hoshi happily accepted the invitation and arrived by flight to the inn, clad in her most spectacular kimono. Her wardrobe in the Shaman Fight was boyish clothes, so for her friends to see her dressed up and her hair down was definitely a shock. She waved it off, but would occasionally throw things at them if they got any funny ideas. She enjoyed the reunion, glad to see all of her friends in one place again, even if a few of them had passed on.
New History: [Given the amount of time Prime and other members of his cast have spent in Dive, and all he's learned, it seemed like a diservice to the character to just simply try to repeat the third season for updating him. And... it would be impossible with characters still in Dive, without making him an alternate universe version, and giving him amnesia. Didn't wanna do that. Thus, what I've done is create a fanfic history, with the help and approval of Raz for his characters (and the ones he formerly played), and likewise with approval from Digi on who she played before in the past that are involved here. While it gets him to the same basic point he was by the end of Season 3, the different interactions and knowledge he came upon in the Digital World, and the omission of several characters still there... changes other things. Considerably. XD;; ]

Optimus Prime, along with Ratchet, would find himself suddenly flung back into his world after two years of being in the Digital World. While not as much time had passed in his reality, regardless... What he finds is a disaster.

Over time, there had been many from Prime's world in the Digital World. Some from his own reality, and others from splintered, alternate paths of his own world. So while many from his world still remained in the Digital World - including Megatron, Blackarachnia, Sari, and Bulkhead - others still... had been sent home BEFORE him.

Including Starscream, who with little to oppose him, took the chance to finish a plan set into motion earlier in his world - a force made up of clones of himself. Ultra Magnus, meanwhile, had dispatched members of the Elite Guard - Sentinel Prime, Jazz, and two new recruits, Jetstorm and Jetfire - to assist Bumblebee and Prowl in locating the remains of the broken Allspark fragments scattered across Earth.

What they WEREN'T prepared for was the fact that Starscream and his clones had already been gathering these. And when they attacked the Autobots in Detroit, the results were catastrophic...

Moreso, when someone ELSE returned. Namely... Lugnut.

The ever loyal follower of Megatron, seperated by time and space from his lord and master, was quite displeased. Even moreso at seeing Starscream, and his inherent desires to replace Megatron shining through. So... a bad situation became MUCH worse, and Detroit suffered from this very fact.

Thus, Optimus and Ratchet return to find Sentinel's team quite beaten. Lugnut, meanwhile, having secured a number of Allspark shards from the AUTOBOTS' store of them, returns to the remaining Decepticons. As, however, does Starscream, both attempting to sway various members of their own factions to listen to their words.

While Starscream convinces some to his viewpoint, Lugnut - driven to the brink without Megatron, and determined to carry on in his master's name - is at least able to secure forces already under the command of his consort, a Decepticon named Strika. Strika, seeing the chance to leverage this for full power over all Decepticons, declares war against not only the Autobots, but anyone who swears loyalty to Starscream.

Another set of Decepticons Lugnut is able to convince are the Constructicons, who - using Megatron's last plan in this world - are able to finally finish constructing the Space Bridge that Megatron had been trying to finish. And with this...
They are able to strike Cybertron directly.

The results are catastrophic, with a three way battle between Starscream's faction, Lugnut and Strika's, and the Autobots. Sentinel, Optimus, and their teams are recalled to Cybertron. Optimus, promoted by Ultra Magnus to Elite Guard status, is given the same level of being able to command and call upon troops as Sentinel. Optimus, seeing where his weaknesses lie in battle, as has Ratchet (along with scientists Perceptor and Wheeljack) construct for him some upgrades.

Before all of this, Ultra Magnus had returned with the knowledge that Longarm Prime was, in fact, a Decepticon spy known as Shockwave. While he and Elite Guard spy Blurr had rooted Shockwave out, the Decepticon still left a number of failsafes within Autobot command systems.

And when the time was right, he activated them, crippling defenses around Magnus's command center. The resulting battle was vicious, with Shockwave using the element of surprise to fatally wound the Supreme Commander. Before his Spark slips away, Ultra Magnus entrusts his weapon to Optimus, and with it, he's able to combat and ultimately defeat Shockwave.

Magnus leaves his dying wish for Optimus to lead the Autobots to victory, and hammer in hand, he takes - at least temporary - command of Autobot fighting forces. However, this does leave some tensions, both with Sentinel Prime, and military and Autobot civilian council unsure of his command.

Unfortunately, before he can fulfill this wish... he finds himself pulled into the Digital World once more.
New History: [same as Prime, this is a new history to account for the changes made to the Animated universe by events that occurred in Dived and characters being sent back and forth.]

Ratchet, like Optimus, was transported back to his world of origin. Due to the influence of the digital world exposing them to multiple timelines, and sending various individuals back without the others, they found a place very different from what they knew... and what it could have been.

In their absence, Sentinel Prime and the Elite Guard had been tasked with helping Bumblebee and Prowl to collect the Allspark shards. However, they found interference in the form of Starscream, who, without Megatron impeding him, had managed to create a small army of "clones" of himself, and with their help gathered a multitude of Allspark shards.

That was only the tip of the iceberg, however. Megatron's most loyal lieutenant, Lugnut, had also been sent back, and without his leader, carved a swath of destruction through the human city of Detroit. By the time Optimus and Ratchet had arrived back home, they found their fellow earth-bound Autobots in a poor state, and that both Lugnut and Starscream had attempted to assert their influence over the Decepticons scattered throughout the galaxy. While Starscream swayed some, others rallied behind Lugnut, who was backed by his consort Strika... who wanted to use her significant other to assert her own power over the Decepticons. A civil war began, with both sides battling fiercely.

Optimus, Ratchet, and the others were recalled by Ultra Magnus to Cybertron. Upon arrival, Ratchet worked with the Autobot scientists Perceptor and Wheeljack to bolster Optimus Prime's abilities and, to an extent, give him the ability to fly and challenge Decepticons more directly. They would soon need them, as the Decepticon spy, Shockwave, who had once been posing as head of Autobot Intelligence, activated a fail-safe plan that devastated the Autobots' point of command and allowed both Decepticon factions to return to Cybertron.
The battle that followed was disastrous. Ultra Magnus fell in battle, and as he lay dying, he passed his hammer onto Optimus Prime. Ratchet watched as Optimus assumed command... and then supported him when tensions over whether Optimus was fit to command were raised. Before long, however, Ratchet was asked to undertake a special mission...

Arcee, an intelligence operative Ratchet had once saved (but at the cost of her memories due to an accident), had been kidnapped by the Decepticons during the battle on Cybertron. The Decepticons hoped to use command codes still buried in her memory to control the former Autobot super weapon, Omega Supreme, who they'd recovered from his crash site on the planet Earth. Ratchet was sent on the mission both due to his history with Arcee, and due to the fact he contained a copy of the command codes for Omega Supreme.

Ratchet's battle would lead to him coming into conflict with old enemies from his past. The project to control Omega Supreme was headed up by both Shockwave and a Decepticon Ratchet had previously come into contact with named Oil Slick. Oil Slick attempted to bolster Omega's destructive capabilities with the chemical weapons he'd developed, giving the monolithic titan access to both weapons of mass destruction and deadly agents that would attack the autobots on multiple levels.

The mission was harrowing, but eventually, Ratchet prevailed, and retrieved both Omega and Arcee. Unfortunately, Oil Slick hit Ratchet with something to make the Autobot remember him by... a slow acting variation of the Decepticon's greatest creation, Cosmic Rust. Ratchet has not developed a cure for this strain of Cosmic Rust, and he's slowly succumbing to the effects of it from the inside out, with his internal circuitry and joints being most effected. It causes him almost constant pain, and at times impedes his ability to move about or participate in battles.

Before events could proceed, Ratchet found himself pulled back into the digital world with Optimus.


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New History:
(The following is a mix mash of Japanese, and American TGL cannon, with original material thrown in.)

Shortly after Miria was returned back to her universe, she was swept up by military vessels and dragged back to Earth for interrogation due to her absence. This was when Miria learned of the threat of Naju facing Earth. The rogue fortress super-earth of Naju was headed on a collision course with Earth. All of Earth's military forces' efforts had failed to stop the giant planet, and the G.O.E. project had failed to produce a countermeasure.

Miria, making one of her less then stellar decisions, escaped from the military and flew to Naju herself. She didn't even have a plan as to how she would stop Naju, but every once of her being told her she had to try. Charging head long towards the planet, she finds that unlike the military's fleet, she was not greeted with the same heavy resistance. However, the planet still activates its anti-fighter defense systems to attack her. Miria fights back and manages to break through defense that, if she were not the advanced combat android she was, would have destroyed her in an instant.

After just barely surviving the initial onslaught of Naju's defense systems, Miria finds herself on Naju's Overworld. She soon stumbles upon an apocalyptic log left by the last of Naju's original inhabitants.

Naju was an artificial planet created by an advanced civilization who had left their homeworld to live in the safety of the planet. These people lived peacefully for eons until an unknown race of invading aliens attacked them. This race soon came to be known to the universe as the Naju Invaders. The Naju invaders quickly started wiping out the original inhabitants of Naju and taking control of the planet's defense systems. While this was going on, it also came to light that the invaders were also at war with each other. As the battle raged on, it became clear that there were five different "tribes" at work. The first one was the water tribe, they took up residence in the aquatic areas of Naju. The second tribe was the forest tribe that had taken up residence in Naju's forests. The third was the crystal tribe that had taken over some of Naju's caves. The "organic" tribe had transformed some of Naju's swamplands into a slimy, flesh covered "womb". The final tribe was known as the wasteland tribe, and had taken up residence on Naju's barren areas.

When the battle for Naju was almost lost, the original inhabitants started setting up a plan to use Naju's self-destruct devices to ensure that their attackers would not have the chance to plague any other race. But before this could happen, the last survivor was killed.

That was when Miria realized what she need to do. She would hunt down and arm the self destruct devices herself. However, the mission would not be as easy as she first thought as she encountered Blue Fleepa of the water tribe in the first corridor. Her first encounter with a Naju invader leader almost ended in disaster when the giant one eyed fish almost ate her.

Miria soon came in contact with a race of creatures left by Naju's original inhabitants, the Randars (Japanese Name). They were artificial lifeforms that had been created to act as workers, and had resisted infestation by the Naju invaders. They assisted Miria in completing the goal of their creators to destroy Naju by boosting her power with technology from Naju.

As Miria continued to delve deeper into Naju, the invaders started to amp up their repulsion efforts against her. However, one after another, Naju invader leaders were defeated in combat against her. The Naju invaders eventually send two of Naju's greatest leader's to face the HSAT down, Grimgrin and Eyegore. After exhausting battles against both, Miria still arose victorious. Soon all ten self-destruct devices were armed, and Miria starts her escape from Naju.

However, Miria soon discovers the Randars have not made any preparations for leaving Naju. She learns that the race had been hoping for the day of Naju's destruction for eons since it's occupation by the Naju invaders. They had hoped to die with the planet. Unfortunately, there was nothing Miria could do. Miria had activated the self-destruct sequence, and there was no way to stop it. The Randers had chosen their fate, and Miria had inadvertently sealed it.

However, before she left the Randers warned her of the nightmare called "IT". "IT" (yes, that is the creature's name) was the Naju invader leader who had brought his kind to the planet Naju. IT was a beast so powerful that Naju's defenses, which had successfully repelled Earth's fleet time and again, could not even slow it's approach to Naju. It was the only Naju invader leader Miria had not faced yet.

When Miria enters the escape tunnel, every Naju invader leader she had faced confronts her as she evacuates in an attempt to take her down with them. However, one by one, they all fall to the guardian's improved power and skill. Miria manages to escape from Naju just as the planet explodes leaving behind a new asteroid field on the outskirts of the solar system. Just as Miria thought it was safe to relax, and that the worst was far, far behind her, IT attacks. The cosmic horror was threatening to start over again on Earth. Miria could have easily escaped the monster, but realizing the danger this creature presented, She confronted him in a desperate final battle. IT was far more powerful then all the Naju Invader's leaders combined. Miria was out matched completely by the monster in terms of power, however the creature had underestimated the determination of a HSAT. Even with the great power IT possessed, it meant nothing when compared to Miria's skill and resolute spirit. In a battle that lasted several hours, IT was defeated.

Detecting the destruction of Naju, Earth's military sent a fleet of ships to see what had brought about the end to the rogue planet. On the way they detect the missing HSAT. Miria was drifting as a result from exhaustion and damage from her ordeals on Naju. They bring the gynoid aboard, and soon discover that she was the one responsible for the destruction of Naju. Miria is taken back to Earth, and is greeted with a hero's welcome this time around... followed by a month of maintenance work, and much needed rest.

As a result of Miria's performance on Naju, HSATs get the green light for mass production.
New History: In mid ’96 Lance was captured by the Rockets and put under an experimental brainwashing regime. With a combination of drugs, physical torture and psychic tampering the Rockets managed to brainwash him into believing he was one of their executives, suffering from amnesia and psychosis and requiring medication. He was in their hands for nine months, seven of which he believed himself to be a Rocket agent and actually served on missions on several occasions, as they effectively used his skills as a trainer and his presence to destabilise the League. In that time he struck up a relationship with a female grunt who, once their relationship was discovered, was murdered by Giovanni under the pretext of being killed on a mission. Ultimately the brainwashing proved unsuccessful when Lance eventually broke the programming; though they began the regime again, this time that much closer to their goal, one of his Rocket friends defected in favour of the League and Lance was rescued.

With Lance psychologically broken, it was decided to seal away his memories of those nine months until he was mentally strong enough to handle them. Even so, extensive therapy was undertaken and he was markedly changed by the experience to the point of being calmer, more detached, even more flippant. He was diagnosed with disassociation. Naturally, Giovanni took advantage of his weakness by once again staging many distracting missions—from kidnapping Azalea’s slowpoke population to poisoning the Olivine Lighthouse ampharos—while breaking his followers out of jail. Lance himself, though in the middle of his therapy, rescued some children from New Bark Town from the secret Rocket base in Mahogany, stopping the evolution-inducing experiment there.

Although Lance was not present at the takeover of the Radio Tower, which was handled by other League reps, he was nearby when Giovanni used their equipment planted in the Tower during the takeover to broadcast evolution-inducing waves in order to drive pokémon mad—in particular, the pokémon of Silver Mountain. With the Plateau, Blackthorn and Viridian Counties under threat, Lance mobilised the Elite Four and those gym leaders available to stave off the pokémon coming down the mountain, in the process rescuing the four New Bark trainers present. There Lance confronted Giovanni and was finally able to kill him.

Having succeeded in his lifelong goal of avenging his father, hailed as a hero, and still undergoing therapy for his previous trauma, at twenty-three, in 1997, Lance had very little left to do with himself. With severe PTSD and changed by his time as a Rocket—repressed though the memories were—he began abusing opiates, first morphine through the gym’s medical wing and later heroin so as to avoid detection because of the thefts. Unaware of his growing addiction, his family and friends encouraged him to do something he’d enjoy; in an effort to make them happy and to get away from the unceasing eyes on him, both public and private, he chose to take a vacation outside his home country, hidden from the rest of the world for so long.

After the better part of a year hitch-hiking across continents and visiting the various Hidden settlements over the globe, Lance returned home keenly aware of the divide between Motherlanders and those of their kin living in the Outside. Moreover, while travelling he found himself alone in a way he had rarely been since his time training on Silver Mountain, a fact which enabled him to look into himself and reconsider his path—aided by some tragic events, compounded by his drug-use, on the way.
With a new goal to orient himself, Lance was able to finally admit his drug-use problem to his friends and family. After extensive therapy on that front to help him not only with his use but with the disassociation which first caused the problem, he went on to extend his reach outside the Motherland and establish proper channels of communication between the Motherlanders and the Hidden. Most notably he extended the black ops program intended to conceal the nature of the nation in order to better support and protect those on the Outside, particularly those in war-torn countries, leading to the Hidden being given rights to request relocation.

This, of course, meant that the Motherlanders would have to make more direct contact with the governments and law enforcement organisations of the Outside than ever before, a fact which many conservation Motherland politicians did not like. Despite opposition Lance managed to secure the backing of the League representatives and the scientific community, both of whom dealt the most with the Outside, and by the end of the year 2000 the initial program had been established. From that period onward, the black ops circles of the Outside saw the intervention of a shadow group whose motives and sponsor was unknown, both in lifting refugees from countries at war and establishing tighter contacts within law enforcement communities.

Lance was able to oversee the most active field operations of the program for only a year before, in late 2001, he was captured by Afghanis while relocating some of their Hidden refugees. Although he was barely in their hands for a day before he was rescued it was enough to cause a resurgence of his repressed memories, and he was forced to return home, injured with a leg-wound and soon after ruled psychologically unfit for service in the retrieval program.

Abilities: Given the nature of the black ops program Lance is familiar with a few more weapons and equipment than he was—guns, mostly, though he now has a helicopter piloting licence.

He is significantly better travelled now, having been to most areas in the world. As a result he’s fluent in several more languages besides English and Japanese (French, Spanish, Chinese at the least) and can get by in a few more.

Personality: Original: If one could describe Lance in one word that word would probably be ‘driven’. Although his position in the spotlight has earned him outward composure and a reputation for being cool under pressure, a person need only to look in his eyes to see the depths of his passion—a passion which, at times, can threaten to explode under duress.

Although not asocial, Lance’s intensity and reputation combined tend to make him seem unapproachable. His time alone and his experiences have made it difficult for him to relate to other people, with the result that he sometimes cares less for social rules or sensitivity than for practicality and straightforwardness. His humour tends to be sarcastic towards strangers or acquaintances, but affectionate and playful to his friends and family. Unfortunately, due to Giovanni’s betrayal and the more recent hits on his life, he has grown wary of anyone he doesn’t know personally. As far as Lance is concerned there is no crime worse than betrayal, with the breaking of oaths running second.
New History:

The world is at piece, as the evil Dr. Wily has not attempted a plot for world domination in some time. Things are going well, and Dr. Light develops eight new robots to help the world. Sadly, these robots start going wild and Wily joyfully points a finger at Light. Rock volunteers to investigate and stop the rampaging robots from causing any more harm. But before Rock can clear Light's name, he is arrested. After taking down half of the robots, it is found out that the robots were scheduled to be scrapped, as their expiration dates had expired. After taking down all of the robots, Rock brings home the of the last robot he faced. It shows that Wily, of course, was behind it all along. He convinced the robots to join him so thy wouldn't end up in the junkyard and to rebel against the humans that were only using them. However, Wily doesn't just repair them, but reprograms them to serve his wishes. But before the Light family can use this to clear Light's name, Wily barges in and steals the proof, so then Rock must go after him.

The nest Wily Castle features all sorts of new defenses and traps, but Mega fights through them all the same. Like always, there's hulking bossing to beat and Wily rebuilds the Robot Masters for Mega to fight all over again, but the challenge isn't without it's twists. Like the police robot is actually one of Wily's and he has Light held captive. So even after beating Wily and showing him that time and time again he'll never win, Mega still falls for one of his tricks and lets the mad doctor escape. Luckily Blues is there to pull him out of trouble in the nick of time. Rock is also able to get the memory circuit board back to prove Light's innocence. As for the Robot Masters, they prove that they can still be useful and continue helping the world without the worry of expiration dates and peace is restored.

Until Roll gets sick, coming down with roboenza. The virus spreads around the world and a month after the outbreak, things get worse. The sick robots begin to attack! Wily crash lands in Light's front yard, claiming to have been attacked by one of the infected robots. He begs for help, as the robots stole his medicine-making machine and he can't come up with a cure without it. Mega volunteers to stop the robots and get back the machine so they can cure everyone. Surprisingly, Blues joins in to help this time around. Together they take down some of the infected robots and Wily develops a prototype cure with the recovered pieces of the machine. With this great news, Blues and Mega go after the still missing pieces. But by the time that is accomplished, Rock has caught the virus himself, and Wily has run off with the medicine-making machine. He's offering the cure to any robots who will join him. He must be stopped, but how can Rock do what he usually does when he's sick? Roll comes in to save the day, offering Rock the cure she was given instead of taking it herself. He doesn't want to take it, but Roll convinces him that he has to as he's the only one who can stop Wily.

So taking the cure, Mega takes on Wily's biggest fortress yet. Very quickly he's brought down memory lane by a fortress boss that copies the attack patterns of Gemini Man, Wood Man, and Elec Man. And not long after that, one that copies Flame Man, Ring Man, and Napalm Man. And then again with Slash Man, Frost Man, and Tornado Man. Fighting through other bosses and making it to Wily at last, Mega takes him down. Or at least, he almost does. Wily flees upward in his Wily Capsule. And by that, I really mean upward. He runs all the way into space, where the real final battle commences and Mega beats Wily for real. But Wily has come down with a fever and Mega has to rush him to the hospital. A few days later and Wily is well enough to escape, and to everyone's surprise, he leaves enough roboenza cure for everyone. It is right after this that Rock is once against brought to the Digital World, and he realizes he's been here before.

Coming right from his last battle against Wily, Rock still has the Robot Master's weapons from it.

Triple Blade: A blade weapon that spreads out in an upward or downward pattern depending on if he's airborne or not.

Water Shield: A shield weapon that rotates around Rock, each drop taking the damage and disappearing when hit. It can also be fired, the drops spiraling outward. It's not perfect though and shots can get through it.

Commando Bomb: A bomb weapon that can be controlled after firing. The direction it goes can be changed twice before it hits something, however, it doesn't detonates unless it hits a wall, ceiling, or floor. It can still do damage without exploding, but it's not nearly as much.

Chill Spike: An ice weapon that either freezes an enemy in place or makes spikes on the floor and walls.

Thunder Wool: An electric weapon that launches a small cloud that floats up to release a lightning bolt down to the ground.

Rebound Striker: A physical impact weapon that bounces around, gaining speed and power with each bounce. It can bounce up to four times.

Wheel Cutter: Another blade weapon that can either be attached to the arm to act as a buzz saw, launched to zip across the ground and up walls, and even used to scale walls.

Solar Blaze: A fire weapon that travels a ways before bursting into two fire blasts.

But since he was sent back, Rock lost all the Robot Master weapons he collected while in the Digital World. And he no longer has his sliding or charging functions, as they were disabled during long moments of peace.


There's really not much of a change besides a little more hope that Wily isn't completely bad, since he left the cure for the Roboenza virus even though he didn't have to.
New History: When Hoshi was taken back to her world, the Shaman Fight was still going on and everything was just as she remembered it. Her team ended up losing their match, meaning that they were officially knocked out of the tournament for good. This didn't deter Hoshi from thanking those who were part of her team for their hard work and she said she'd keep in touch with them. They didn't want to go back home due to all the help that Hoshi did for them and they loved her being their leader, still under the lie that she was a guy instead of a girl.

She and her team disappeared for some time to hang out in the village, not ready to go home yet. However, when Hoshi could tell that there was trouble brewing, she told them that it was an honor to fight along side them and that she'll see them soon. She went as far as she could to be there in the nick of time when Redseb, Seyram and Camel Munzer were in the Golem. She helped in the efforts to get both of the children out of there safely, even though her furyoku count at the time was roughly around 80,000. Why she decided to help was that even though the Golem was massive in furyoku count -- 550,000 furyoku units -- there were children inside of that behemoth, and she didn't want them to suffer anymore. So, it was clear that she was massively underpowered, but being around Yoh made her realize that she could do anything she put her mind to, and so by doing this, she was devoted to helping out that cause. It was with this that she didn't give up in the fight, even when she was knocked to the ground during the fight.

When the fight finally came to a close, Hoshi decided that she would travel with Yoh's group, figuring out that if she didn't, her life would be pretty boring, and that she wanted to find a way to make her dreams come true, as well as figure out an important part of her own history: Why did Shichiyou decide to attack her of all people? She decided from here on out that she wouldn't give up until she figured that crucial piece out.

The time she spent with her friends turned out to be exactly what she needed to finally get out of her shell. She was even comfortable enough to openly admit now that she was a girl instead of a guy. It was with this that her connection to Reiko grew expotentially, and as a result, so did her powers as a shaman.
[However, when she turned the age of sixteen, right at midnight exactly, she was greeted by none other than Hikari Tsubasa and Hikari Asuka, her incarnations. She was told by them that her soul is part of their own souls. Dumbfounded by this, she had a bunch of questions to ask them, all of which they answered to the best of their ability. With this newest revelation, Hoshi was still confused about her origins, but she accepted it. What was revealed in this interrogation session was that it wasn't her grandmother who kept her alive all those years ago. It was the power of her own soul and spirit that allowed her to continue surviving long enough to be taken to the hospital. This helped her realize that she was strong all along and that her strength came from within. From this point on, she stopped doubting herself and tried to make the best of her life as much as she could.

While everyone was training in hell, Hoshi didn't want to involve herself in that, so she split up from the group temporarily to find where Shichiyou was. When she found him in a desolate area, the two of them had their confrontation, and Hoshi found out the reason why Shichiyou hated her. It was because he was under the false pretense of her family being responsible for his parents' deaths, but she was able to break through to him that she nor her family would ever do such a heinous deed, and the fight ended with Hoshi slaying him. Shichiyou didn't want to come back to life, so instead, he became a spirit that would follow Hoshi wherever she went.]

Some time after, she and Kyoyama Anna became unofficial surrogate sisters after Hoshi had come out to her that maybe she wasn't good enough, earning her the infamous Right Hand Slap, snapping her out of her insecurities, and therefore she promised that the Hikari family would help the Asakuras out however they could.

The fighting wouldn't be over for her just yet, however. She was cornered by a few of Hao's followers, namely the Hanagumi, for killing Shichiyou and turning him against Hao. With Shichiyou's assistance as well as figuring out how to balance both light and darkness, it looked like she was about to win. Regrettably, with the combined effort of the Hanagumi, they managed to kill Hoshi. This is the first time she ever died and her spirit was sent to hell where she had to complete a trial in order to be brought back. She had help from the very first lord of the Hikari family, Hikari Daisuke, through this trial and eventually got out with her furyoku increasing dramatically to about 110,000. She held on to both Asuka's and Tsubasa's fragments, as well as Shichiyou's own. When she escaped from hell, she overpowered the Hanagumi and left them with these words:

"Never underestimate a Hikari. We always come back stronger than before."
New History: [This timeskip covers two post-series movies where Accel is featured, "Kamen Rider X Kamen Rider: W and OOO, Featuring Skull: Movie War Core" and "Kamen Rider W Returns: Kamen Rider Accel."]

Returning to his own world, things resume to normalcy for Ryuu, or at least as close to normal as they ever had been. Throughout the course of his cases in helping the Narumi Detective Agency, Ryuu had developed a relationship with its "Chief," Narumi Akiko. In short time after Philip was returned to life, Ryuu and Akiko became engaged to be married.

Leading up to that wedding, though, Akiko had become paranoid and fearful of losing Ryuu to being a Kamen Rider like her father had been lost. As such, she ends up... basically stealing his Accel Driver and Memory from him. Despite this, when a monster suddenly appears in Fuuto on the day of their wedding, he goes with Kamen Rider Double to fight it. Unfortunately, this is also only about 90 minutes before the wedding, so Akiko is understandably ... upset.

The monster itself isn't a Dopant, but instead a creature that loses Medals from its body when its struck. In reality, it is a "Yummy" created by a creature called a "Greeed," the enemies of Kamen Rider OOO. Double is able to fight off the Yummy, though Ryuu is left exhausted. It is then when Akiko comes up berating the lot of them, and Shoutarou & Philip realize that Akiko's swiped her husband-to-be's Driver, denying him the ability to become a Rider.

She ends up running off from them crying, only to run into the Yummy they had just been fighting... who is also wielding a Gaia Memory. The "Memory" Memory, to be precise. Akiko becomes trapped in memories of the past, witnessing the origins of her father becoming Kamen Rider Skull. In the process of this, the Yummy takes off with Akiko, taking her to the place where Skull once fought his former partner. With the memories of that sorrowful origin, the Yummy is able to unleash a power from deep within the Earth...

Ryuu, Shoutarou, and Philip arrive as three black Medals fly in from the sky, combining with the power of the Memory Memory and forming a giant made of pure flame, fueled by sorrow and hatred: Kamen Rider Core. Hino Eiji arrives in the nick of time to save Akiko from Core. He then transforms into OOO, while Shoutarou & Philip become Double again to fight Core.

The Yummy attacks Ryuu & Akiko, and he takes her to escape. Stating that he needs to be a Kamen Rider in order to protect her, Ryuu takes back his Driver and becomes Accel to battle the Yummy, though it pushes him into a corner. Luckily, yet another Kamen Rider arrives - Birth. Accel & Birth join forces and destroy the Yummy.

Soon after, Kamen Rider OOO in TaJaDor Combo, and Double in Cyclone Joker Gold Xtreme form, are able to destroy Core by combining their power. While OOO disappears, and Gotou - the man who was Birth - leaves to seek where he went to, Ryuu and Akiko go on to have their wedding.
Some months later, Ryuu stops a pickpocketing ring only for a couple of them to then be immediately murdered by a group of aritficial soldiers. Ryuu is able to destroy them, but two of the thieves - Aoi and Masaru - escape.

Back at home, Ryuu and Akiko are perfectly happy newlyweds, except for the fact that Akiko is becoming quickly annoyed at the fact that he never calls her by name. Rather, he continues to call her "Chief."

Called in to the office, where he finds that a higher up named Sagami has initiated a widespread investigation on a ring of thieves. Ryuu is able to identify Aoi, and they seek her out, discovering her at a bar. Going there with Sagami's assistant, Ohno, and Jinno, they attempt to bring Aoi in but she flees. Ryuu pursues, and handcuffs her to his own arm, but they are suddenly attacked by the previous "Kamen Soldiers." During the commotion, Aoi steals Ryuu's Gaia Memory, taking away his able to transform into Accel.

Ryuu fights off the soldiers, and is able to try and make a break for it with Aoi when Jinno intervenes. However, they end up being confronted by the Commander Dopant. Commander smacks Ryuu around, and shoots Jinno with Ryuu's own gun. As well, he places a bomb on Aoi set to go off in two hours. When Commander flees, Ohno comes upon the scene, and the situation looks as if Ryuu is the responsible party for shooting Jinno.

Given the danger of Aoi's bomb going off, Ryuu makes himself look WORSE by fleeing with her. A manhunt is put out for him, while he uses the information Aoi gives him to shake down the criminal underworld to find a device that Commander demanded they bring to him. He starts with her old fellow thief, Masaru, and works his way quickly to their ringleader. After beating down an entire bar full of criminals, he takes the device from their ringleader - the "Gaia Memory Enhancement Adapter."

Soon after, though, Ryuu is cornered by Sagami and Ohno. Sagami takes Aoi with him in a police car, while Ryuu is left with to tend with Ohno. Before being hauled off, though, Aoi leaves behind an ID she pickpockets from Sagami, stating that the culprit, the identity of Commander, is in his pocket. In reality, Sagami intently believed that all criminals should be wiped from existence... something he had done with Aoi's father.

Realizing who Sagami is, Ryuu escapes Ohno, and pursues Sagami, who had already transformed back into Commander as he fled with Aoi. Ryuu proceeds to hijack a bus... only to suddenly have Akiko upon him, chasing him down. Her paranoia has kicked in again, and its all over news reports that Ryuu had shot Jinno and was fleeing with a young woman. WHILE HE'S CHASING COMMAND IN A GIANT BUS, she proceeds to try and choke him and proclaim that they're getting a divorce.

Commander gets away, and not knowing the situation, Akiko slaps him thinking he's more concerned with another woman than her. Regardless, he has to do his job, and goes to save Aoi from Commander.
Lalala.. Enjoy some TL;DR.

New History: So, Over in the House, things were tense for a while after Havoc saw Riza's back, however, the nature of the place didn't allow it to be like that for long. A genderswap happened, turning Riza into a male for a week and during this time, Greed got a look at her back, but not enough.

Riza grew closer to Roy and Jean, sharing their beds, though for the most part, it was innocent. Christmas came and with it, Riza found herself trapped in a maze, dressed in ridiculous outfits. At one point, she encountered Greed, who again saw her back, though the woman tried to deny it, and on reaching the clearing at the end of the maze, was grateful to find both food and refuge from the homunculus - the refuge only being a room, but it was something - and given that her food was drugged... she ended up doing something sexual with him, much to her horror. It was only the morning after did she see above the forest and the strange mist that surrounded the house that there was an outside world, something to escape to - a town of sorts. It gave her hope.

After that, it was quite, until the morning of January the first, when she found that Roy was gone - and with it, one half of what was keeping Riza stable in the place. Her birthday came and went, but January turned out to be a month of blindness and hallucinations - Riza hearing her father blaming her for everything, and even at the end of it, she heard Roy blaming her as well. It wasn't pleasant, and while she didn't end up in in the hospital wing, she did seclude herself. No sooner than the event was over was she trying to organise away out of the place. It fell though for the most part.

Around the second week, she feel in love with Kimblee due to the influence of the caretakers though thankfully nothing more than a kiss happened. She also falling head over heels for Jean. It was a week that she'd rather forget. The later half of February rolled around and she found herself a the 'Master' of Jake Clawson, and while neither was happy, they made do for the week. They managed to forge something of a friendship.

March the start of march passed quietly, but then when Riza went to the hospital for hygienic products, she was grabbed by the doctor and sent home. It wasn't a pleasant experience, as while she was there, she was unable to affect anything and she could see the Caretakers there, but no one else could.


Now back home, Riza resumed tracking the blood from Barry's body lead them to Barry himself, but not long after, Lust showed up and Riza had a breakdown, thinking that Roy was dead - she's willing to let Lust kill her, but Alphonse defends her. It's not a few minutes later that Roy shows up and cue one flame grilled and very dead Lust. Roy however then falls over, revealing that he's seared his own wounds shut. Roy asks for her to call and ambulance, though it's the fuehrer himself [who was waiting outside, judging the events] that calls for one.

The next morning has Riza being criticised for allowing herself to manipulated by the enemy like that, and Riza simply states that it shall not happen again. She then goes on to explain why Havoc and Roy are sharing the same hospital room - It's easier to guard. A bit later, Fuery comes in and they go over the events that happened, coming to the conclusion that what they are dealing with can threaten the foundation of the very state. Havoc then goes on to tell that he has to retire, as he can't feel his legs.
Presumably, a few hours later, Riza stands guard while Mustang and an old war buddy, Dr Knox, discuss the 'corpse' of Maria Ross, who's safety out of the country, and Mustang didn't believe that she was was the one who;d killed Hughes. He then mentions Havoc but Breda soon shows up to mention that there is a doctor who could help him - Tim Marcoh - and Mustang sends Breda out to find this man. A few days later they find out that it didn't work, as whoever they are up against got there first, as Riza finds out when Mustang goes to visit Havoc and after a bit of a confrontation, tells the man that he'll be waiting at the top. Riza remarks that Roy isn't the sort of person to throw away his allies. She's then ordered to get the colonel's uniform, even though he's not firs to leave the hospital yet.

Sometime later, both Riza's driving Roy somewhere and they run into Edward, who's making a show of himself to try and lure out Scar. It's successful and after a bit, Riza and Roy head off to hijack the radio lines, confusing the troops long enough for Edward and Scars fight to get the attention of the homunculus. Once that's done, Riza then goes incognito to where the fight is as they by now captured Gluttony with the aid of Ling and Ranfan. She and ling make the get away, while Edward goes back to fighting. Along the way, they pick up Ranfan, then it's out to a safehouse, where Riza ends up playing guard outside.

Up until Gluttony shows his true form. CUE ANOTHER FIGHT that ends up with Riza and Roy, Dr Knox and Ranfan getting the hell out of dodge and then splitting up somewhere along the way, while Riza and Roy head to HQ - so that Roy and report this. He has Riza stay with the car --- all night long. Turns out all the higher ups know and Riza's eventually assigned to be the fuehrer's personal assistant, and a hostage to make sure that mustang behaves, l-lo-. The rest of the unit's split up as well. After Roy's released, He, Riza and Armstrong take a drive, and both are filled in on this, much to their horror, but neither refuse to back out; they have come this far - they might as well stick to the path that's before them.

Sometime later, Edward drops around to return the gun that Riza has lent him earlier, and they end up talking - Riza telling him about Ishval and that he can't give up no matter what, along with other stuff and after a bit, Edward leaves. After that it's business as normal, though Riza drops into Mustangs office to collect something possibly the next day.

And then a bit later after dropping some documents off for the Fuehrer....she finds out who Selim really is - Pride, the first of the homunculi.


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