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App Addendum Application

As character abilities are a major aspect of this game, and elements have been introduced to bolster people's various attacks, we are now formally introducing the App Addendum policy.

An App Addendum is, simply, a new policy that will allow people to get in new abilities that they have accquired in Dive, or have appeared in canon after the point someone set their application, by running it by us first. However, there will come with two stipulations.

One app addendum per character: You may only do an app addendum once for a particular character.
Another character may be responsible for a power up up to a limit of three times: Basically, a character can only give someone a power up that results in new abilities up to a limit of three times, and then they can do no more. This does not apply to actions taken in a series canon or outside of the roleplay.

Because this is a balance issue, if you have done an app addendum or have one character be responsible for a power up at least three or more times prior to the setting of this policy, they will still count towards the one character or three times amount. There are some exceptions - this does not apply to the act of being given a Demon Seal, or the Bio-Hybridization proccess, and in those matters, an app addendum is not required. The same goes for items collected in Dive that are listed among the purchasable items.

Here is the format for the app addendum:

Character Name:
Method of Recieving Powers/Person responsible: [Explain how this person will accquire their new abilities, and if applicable, who they got them from.]
Description of Abilities: [Describe the new ability here. Please also describe the powers they already have, so we can relate the new ones back to the character's relative power level]

And that completes the explanation. If you have any questions about how to do an app addendum, please contact a moderator.
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