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Glossary of Terms

This is a glossary of terms associated with the roleplay and the Digital Dive universe. If you think this list is missing something, or are confused about a definition, simply reply and we will consider the issue.

Adult - The evolutionary stage after the Child level. This is when a digimon enters maturity. It is also known as Champion.

Area Leader: Also known as Area Guardian. A powerful digimon, usually of the Ultimate level, that is responsible for ruling over a particular segment of the digital world.

Attribute: One of three categories of digimon. They consist of Vaccine, Data, and Virus. There is a fourth attribute, Variable, but no living digimon of this type currently exists.

Baby I: The beginning of a digimon's life cycle after hatching from an egg. It is when a digimon is weakest. It is also known as Fresh.

Baby II: The next stage of evolution after Baby I. It is also known as In-Training.

Bio Hybrid: A Tamer fused with the data of a digimon. The term is a bit of a misnomer, but only biological Tamers have been fused to a digimon in this manner. A Bio-Hybrid will always be somewhat stronger than the natural digimon it is based on, by at least one level.

Child: The evolutionary stage after Baby II. This is the most common form of a digimon, and the first stage where it is a highly developed creature. It is also known as Rookie.

D-Comm: The digivice that links a Tamer and a digimon. For more details, please see the write up on the D-Comm.

Data: What the entire digital world and everything in it is composed of.

Data (Attribute): An attribute of digimon. They tend to be digimon who are neither holy nor demonic.

D-Reader: A companion device to the D-Reader, and in the case of digimon operating alone, a replacement for it. For more information, please see the write up on the D-Reader.

Dark Area: An army of primarily Demonic species digimon, who want to conquer the digital world to increase their own standing and to avenge oppression. Their leader is Diablomon.

Dark Evolution: An act of evolution triggered by a digimon responding to a human's darker emotions. It usually results in a corrupted form of the digimon's natural form. In the case of digimon who are already of a demonic species, they simply run wild.

Demon King: The title of a particularly high-ranking demonic digimon. Refers to a natural type of digimon, and to a particular group of digimon called the Seven Great Demon Kings. Not all Demon Kings are a member of this group; an example being Murmuxmon.

Demon Seal: A mark left on a Tamer or digimon by a Demon King. It contains a segment of their power, and evolves over several levels. For more information, please see the write up on Demon Seals.

Demon's Blood Talisman: An item that allows a Tamer with a Demon Seal to disguise themselves. Usually takes the form of a simple cosmetic change, but can sometimes provide armor or weapons.

Digi-Egg: The form a digimon takes when it begins its life cycle. It hatches into a Baby digimon. It is also known as a Digitama. Do not confuse this with a Digimental.

Digignome: A fish-like glowing creature native to all parts of the digital world. They are often kept as pets. Despite similarities to beings from another world, they do not grant wishes and have no extraordinary powers whatsoever.

Digimon: The primary inhabitants of the digital world. They are born in the digital world and grow through evolutionary stages as their life spans progress. They are usually sentient, but some develop in a similar manner to wild animals.

Digimon Natural Ability (D.N.A.): A particular lines of code that associate a digimon with a particular variety of digimon and influences their evolutionary path.

Digi-Soul: A power triggered in Tamers by emotional response that powers up their natural abilities. See the write up for digi-soul for more details.

Digital Accident Tactics Squad (DATS): An organization of Tamers currently operating out of the Royal Base and Neon City. It is allied with TigerVespamon and his army and is meant to keep the peace.

Digimental: A rare item that can allow a Tamer to armor evolve their partner. There are several different types of Digimental. See the items page for more details.

Digital Fish: Creatures that swim in the ocean and in rivers and lakes. Gomamon are capable of summoning them. They are used as food.

Evolution: The act of a digimon evolving. With Tamers, it is triggered by emotion. It is also known as Digivolution.

Family: A method of classifying digimon that is not a formal distinction, but rather, a mental and social association shared between digimon that are physically and culturally similar.

Goods Tree: A tree that will produce all manner of food and drink, be it fruit, meat, milk, or alcohol. Cannot take the form of special items or inorganic matter. Goods Trees that produce drinks grow objects that have an outer shell that serves as a "bottle."

Norn Program: One of the three archetype programs that represent a particular segment of Yggdrasil's personality. They are Skuld, the analytical and logic oriented part; Verdandi, the empathic and emotional part; and Urd, the decision maker. They often act seperately and may even have seperate goals.

Perfect: The evolutionary stage after Adult. Digimon become more specialized and powerful in this form. It is sometimes confused with the term for the Ultimate level, as it is currently the strongest form digimon can reach now.

Royal Knights: A legendary group of network guardians once led by Imperialdramon Paladin Mode. Now, only two are left: Dukemon and Omegamon.

Seven Great Demon Kings: The particular group of Demon Kings seeking to conquer the Digital World. They were formed from the remainin power of the Demon God Ogudamon, who was in turn formed by sins from across the multiverse.

Shining Evolution: The ability of all digimon to evolve to the Ultimate level. The power and clearance for this is sealed under Imperialdramon's sword on Draco Island, but this is not common knowledge.

Tag: A legendary item held by people of power in the digital world. Each one has a power all its own, and represents an archetypal digimon D.N.A. type.

Tamer: A being from another universe who has been partnered to a digimon by Yggdrasil. Often armed with a D-Comm, and a D-Reader. Also capable of channeling Digi-Soul and evolving their partner digimon through emotional power.

Type: Another method of classifying digimon that describes their general appearance and traits.

The Old Digital World: The Digital World that existed before the Digital Hazard, and Yggdrasil creating the new digital world.

The Syndicate: An organization of criminals, most of them Tamers, operating under the legacy of Akihiro Kurata's old organization. They seek to do for evil Tamers what DATS does for the more heroic ones.

Ultimate: The final stage of digimon evolution, save for some exceptions. These are digimon at their strongest, capable of feats of great power. It is sometimes referred to as Mega.

Vaccine: An attribute of digimon. They tend to be either holy digimon or dragon type digimon.

Virus: An attribute of digimon. Virus digimon tend to be more ferocious, and many demonic digimon are viral.

Virus Busters: An army of Holy-species digimon dedicated to the destruction of demonic digimon. Their leader is Omegamon.

Yggdrasil: The first god of the Digital World. It oversees the continuing existance of the digital world and the lives of those in it.

Ymir: The second god of the Digital World. It is responsible for maintaining the simple existence of the digital world. His existence is known only to few.
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